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The golden afternoon light dances across the red rock. The pilot says its okay to open the window now as the plane slows and my fear of heights and flying takes a back seat to my need to photograph the formations before me. I take off my seatbelt and lean out the open cockpit, as if on queue the pilot angels the wing out of my way and suddenly the perfect moment is in front of me. CLICK!

Karen Dominguez-Cavin, a third generation Californian, was born in the shadows of the Verdugo Hills in 1966. It was in the mountains of California that her grandfather introduced her to the magical beauty of nature and the joys of capturing it on film.

Shortly after high school, Karen married. The pressures of working, raising two boys and the stresses of everyday living temporarily forced Karen to shelve her interest in photography. Karen took many pictures documenting her family's life, but she was unable to carry her love of photography any further.

In 1997, while on a family vacation in Monterey, California, Karen chanced upon "Mountain Light", a book of photography by the late Galen Rowell. As she turned each page of his book, she felt herself change: she now knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Her passion for the art of photography was rekindled.

Later in 1998, after a lucky pull on a slot machine, Karen was able to buy her first real camera, a Nikon. Shortly thereafter, Karen attended a few workshops and lectures at Galen Rowell's San Francisco Gallery. After convincing her husband to attend one of Galen's lectures, Karen was delighted to learn that the spark that burned in her had been ignited in him as well. Working together, Karen and her husband have been able to pursue their dream of fine art landscape photography.

Karen explains her choice to become a photographer, "Galen Rowell gave me the inspiration to delve deeper into the world of photography and nature. Not only did I learn the craft of photography from Galen but he and his wife, Barbara taught me that such a passion could not be kept to one's self; it was meant to be shared with all. Capturing the extraordinary landscape of the Eastern Sierra or the stormy skies of New Mexico, I'm stopping the world for a moment, to share the amazing beauty of Mother Nature. This is how I share my passion."

Karen is an award-winning photographer with an extensive collection of stunning photographs taken from her travels around the United States. She has received awards in several national and international competitions for her work.

Karen is an active member of the North American Nature Photographers Association and the Natural Resource Defense Council. It is Karen's hope that through exhibiting her photographs of nature that she is infusing her love and desire to protect and preserve nature in others.